What a strong attraction between Ferro Film PET 1300- 180 and magnets!
What a strong attraction between Ferro Film PET 1300- 180 and magnets!

Ferro Film PET 1300 - 180

What a strong attraction between Ferro Film PET 1300- 180 and magnets! This 100% PVC-free polyester material is designed to be attracted by any magnet – because of the black coating of iron micro particles on the backside. Frontside – matted, high quality resin, coated for great colourful print results. Gives great results of durability even for long-term outdoor campaigns!

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Things you will love about Ferro Film PET 1300-180


This magnetic media solution will last for long – both indoors and outdoors.

No protection needed

There is no need for lamination or any other specific protection of surface.

Brilliant colours

Combination of polyester film and high-quality coating lets the colours shine.

Why choose us?

Search of effectiveness

Global mindset allows us to find exclusive supply and logistics solutions, providing a
perfect cost-value balance. That’s our superpower!

Sustainability is the future

We seek to discover environment-friendly alternatives to the most polluting advertising
materials. Join in!

Close to our clients

Our constant support and consulting let you enjoy the best results with our products. We’re always on your side.


Changes, managed easily

This material gives great flexibility – possibility to easily change graphics, signs, exhibition or event decorations. Perfect option for board games, menu boards, wall stickers, presentation boards. Designed to be used together with our magnetic bases or other magnetic background materials. 

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