Window Backlit Film 1100 Adhesive for  illuminating effect on shop windows.
Quick overview about Window Backlit Film 1100 Adhesive.
Window Backlit Film 1100 Adhesive for  illuminating effect on shop windows.

Window Backlit Film 1100 Adhesive

Usual interior light, together with Window Backlit Film 1100 adhesive, creates a bright and illuminating effect on shop windows – as if a special light-box instalment is used.


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Things you will love about Window Backlit Film 1100 Adhesive

Reliable adhesiveness

Even after a long period of time the print stays in place and in a perfect state. When removed, no glue residue left.

Mistake tolerant

You can reposition your print many times at an initial stage.

No protection required

While media is applied indoors, no need for additional protecting solutions or special care.

Technical Target Values

Property Units Values Test method
Grammage: face film / total g/m² 135 / 200 ISO 536
Caliper: face film / total μm 105 / 155 ISO 534
Glossiness GU 30 ASTM D2457
Light difussion % 65 ASTM D1003
Peel Strength 24 hours gf/25mm >20 ASTM D903 (180̊ )

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Illuminating effect on shop windows

Applied indoors while seen from outdoors, so reverse printing mode is required. Can also be used for interior design – on glass partition walls in the office or another space.

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