Textile Felt 1100
Textile Felt 1100
Textile Felt 1100

Textile Felt 1100

The sound can be an annoying noise. It may also be an important message. But if the noise and the message coincide, we are at risk of missing what is most important.

Textile Felt 1100 is a sound-absorbing felt material, designed for fulfilling two simultaneous goals – creating excellent indoor acoustics as well as decorating the space.

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Things you will love about Blue Back 1250


Made from 100% recycled polyester.


Extremely light weight, easy handling and mounting.


Meets M1, the highest flame retardancy requirements.

Technical Target Values

Property Units Values Test method
Grammage g/m² 100 - 160 N/A
Thickness mm 9 - 40 N/A
Cutting method N/A cold N/A

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Perfect for spacious premises

Perfect for any premises that are spacious and lively, filed with sound or where extremely bright sounds are born. 

Textile Felt 1100 can be used in such areas as spacious offices, gyms, airport facilities, kindergartens and schools, lounges of various institutions, etc.

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