Glue dots make the whole magic of DotFilm Adhesive 1300.
Quick overview about DotFilm Adhesive 1300.

DotFilm Adhesive 1300

Glue dots make the whole magic of this product! Your print on DotFilm Adhesive 1300 film is easily glued to the flat surface and afterwards removed without leaving any trace. That’s because the backside of the film is coated with special dotted glue. Glue dots ensure perfect adherence to the flat surfaces and makes removal of it effortless. Gloss, matted or clear options are available.


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Things you will love about DotFilm Adhesive 1300

Effortless handling

Application and removal of the print is so easy – no expert skills are needed. End-users can do it by themselves.

High quality

Thick monomeric vinyl film adds even more comfort for easy handling.

Flame retardancy

The film meets B1 flame retardancy requirements.

Technical Target Values

Property Units Values (gloss) Values (matt) Test method
Grammage: face film / total g/m² 135 / 280 135 / 280 ISO 536
Caliper: face film / total μm 110 / 280 110 / 280 ISO 534
Release liner thickness μm 140 140 ISO 534
Tensile strength MD / CD N/15mm >50 / >40 >50 / >40 ISO 527-3
Elongation MD / CD % >150 />200 >150 />200 ISO 527-3
Dimensional stability MD / CD mm < -1.2/<-1.0 < -1.0/<-0.8 Finat 14
Glossiness scale units >50 <30 Dr. Lange Gloss Meter, 20°

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Decorate trade or event area super easily!

Flat walls, floors, furniture can be branded and rebranded in a moment. You can create either a glossy, matted or a clear look. Try clear option on the glass objects or windows – the prints with a clear-background look really impressive.

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