Blue Back Paper 1250
Blue Back Paper 1250
Blue Back Paper 1250

Blue Back Paper 1250

A material of extreme strength, thus an irreplaceable solution for outdoor billboards. It retains its durability even when wet, making it super convenient for wet gluing. Fully opaque, so you can stick a new poster on top of an old one – no risk of visual distortion.

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Things you will love about Blue Back 1250

Easy handling

Its optimum firmness makes it easy to handle and transport as well as to glue flawlessly and effortlessly.

Dimensional stability

Even when glued wet, the paper remains dimensionally stable, so its application is extremely precise.

Stable quality

The poster will not detach, peel or fade in any weather conditions.

Technical Target Values

Property Units Values Test method
Grammage g/m² 115 ISO 536
Caliper µm 140 ISO 534
Whiteness %ASTM 104 Elrepo
Dry opacity % 99.5 ISO 2471
Wet opacity % 98 ISO 2471
Wet expansion % 2.2 ISO 3781 immersion 5'
Wet tensile strength CD N/15mm >9 ISO 535

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Wide applying possibilities outdoors

Excellent for long or short-term billboard campaigns, street furniture or point-of-purchase and wall graphics application. Various sizes and lengths of this material open up wide applying possibilities.

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