Textile Backlit 1100 - 190 is specially designed for dye sublimation ink systems.
Quick overview about Textile Backlit 1100-190.

Textile Backlit 1100 - 190

Textile backlit, specially designed for dye sublimation ink systems. Dense textile structure, smooth surface and a super-white colour create great background for your visuals. Consider it while looking for a cost-effective option.

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Things you will love about Textile Backlit 110-190

Resistance to wrinkles

Superb resistance to curling, so handling is effortless and assures perfect flatness when framed.

Exceptional whiteness

White surface is a great background for vivid and expressive colours.

Precise packaging

Pallets are packed, using TIDY packing technology. This ensures tidy stock handling and environment friendly approach.

Technical Target Values

Property Units Values Test method
Coating method N/A Dip N/A
Grammage g/m² 190 ISO 3801
Yarn dtex dtex 83XT880 ISO 2060
Light transmittance % 42 ISO 5/2
Shrinkage %, 210°C, 30s <=2 ISO 3759
Cutting method N/A Hot N/A
Recommended calender settings °C, 1-2min. 190-210 N/A

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Irreplaceble solution for impressive visuals

Great choice for light boxes, frame systems, and interior decorations. Designed for dye-ink systems.

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