Pop-Up Film Premium 1300-350 lets your pop-up stand out from the crowd.
Quick overview about Pop-Up Film Premium 1300-350.
Pop-Up Film Premium 1300-350 lets your pop-up stand out from the crowd.

Pop-Up Film Premium 1300-350

Brilliant and vibrant colours on a matted surface let your pop-up stand out from the crowd. Exceptional flatness due to a rigid polyester and polypropylene material composite structure allows to express precision and your attentiveness to details. 

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Things you will love about Pop-Up Film Premium 1300-350


Lasts really long – highly durable and stable even without additional lamination.

100 % block-out

Great opacity of your prints.

PVC free

Your step to sustainability.

Technical Target Values

Property Units Values Test method
Grammage g/m² 420 ISO 536
Caliper μm 350 ISO 534
Whiteness CIE 96 ISO 11475
Glossiness scale units <30 Dr. Lange Gloss Meter, 20°
Opacity % 100 ISO 2471

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Pop-up that pops up from the crowd

Irreplaceable choice for long lasting and exceptional quality pop-ups, trade show panels, instruction plates, etc. No matter – for indoors or outdoors.

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