The beauty of Canvas Block-out 1320’s surface attracts the eye.
Quick overview about Canvas Block-Out 1320.
The beauty of Canvas Block-out 1320’s surface attracts the eye.

Canvas Block-Out 1320

The beauty of Canvas Block-out 1320 surface attracts the eye. Even if you are trying not to look at it. Natural textile feel, flat and wrinkle-free, matted. What more could you wish for a perfect roll-up? 

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Things you will love about Canvas Block-Out 1320

Great opacity

Ensured by a special block-out coating on the back side.

Stable dimensions

Remains flat and stable in size - even after long time in use.

PVC free

Made of 100% polyester. Your step to sustainability.

Technical Target Values

Property Units Values Test method
Coating method N/A Knife N/A
Weave method N/A Woven N/A
Grammage g/m² 270 ISO 2286-2
Yarn dtex dtex 330 x 330 ISO 2060
Shielding rate % 100 ISO 5/2
Tensile Strength N/5cm 1800 x 1200 ISO 1421
Tear Strength N 265 x 120 ISO 5084
Cutting method N/A Cold N/A

Why choose us?

Search of effectiveness

Global mindset allows us to find exclusive supply and logistics solutions, providing a perfect cost-value balance. That’s our superpower!

We think long-term

We seek to discover environment-friendly alternatives to the most polluting advertising
materials and organise our activities in sustainable way. Join in!

Close to our clients

Our constant support and consulting let you enjoy the best results with our products. We’re always on your side.


Try to find anything better for roll-up than Canvas Block-Out 1320!

Great for roll-ups and wall coverings. Easily creates a cozy, natural-looking atmosphere of any space. Beauty and attentiveness to details deserve an applause! 

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