Backlit Film 1400-200  is irreplaceable for the highest quality backlit signage.
Quick Overview about Backlit Film 1400-200.
Backlit Film 1400-200  is irreplaceable for the highest quality backlit signage.

Backlit Film 1400 - 200

Matted look, ultra-white! Irreplaceable for the highest quality backlit signage. Really exceptional due to the new-generation coating printing quality with water-based ink-jet technology. Deep-black and vibrant colours are a signature feature of the material.


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Things you will love about Backlit Film 1400-200

Bright visuals

Ultra-whiteness and printability with high-ink density leads to very bright colours.

Water resistant

Excellent water resistance which means lamination is not mandatory.

Perfectly firm

Rigid high-quality polyester film for precise application.

Technical Target Values

Property Units Values Test method
Grammage g/m² 270 ISO 536
Caliper µm 215 ISO 534
Whiteness L.a.b. CIE 85/0/-7 ISO 2469
Glossiness GU 30 ASTM D2457
Light difussion % 65 ASTM D1003

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Exclusive backlit signage

Perfect match for an exclusive-quality backlit signage, where sharp contrast, expressive colours and matted finish are a must.

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