25 Mar 2021
What print materials are worth choosing for shining shopping area?

The area where customers are choosing and purchasing goods have a significant impact on both sales and the overall image of the store itself as well as the products. Comparative researches acknowledge that high-quality advertising prints lead to the fact that the brands which are using it are perceived by customers as more unique and of higher quality compared to those who choose average quality prints. As a result, customers are more likely to purchase these brands, share more positive feedback and would more likely agree with a higher price.

GM Media product range includes a collection of retail print materials, combining carefully-tested products of impeccable resolution, smooth printing process and easy handling to decorate various retail spaces.

Color power for large formats

Large formats are eye-catching by their own nature, but printing houses frequently face the problem of achieving true colors or a sense of space and depth when producing prints of impressive sizes. Such images will usually look flat, untrue, and a part of the creative idea remains in the margins, however. GM Media’s woven fabric Textile Backlit 1300-175 is ideal for accepting this challenge. When printed on this backlit textile, visuals come to real life – due to an extremely wide color gamut, exceptional color accuracy and the ability to reproduce the subtlest color shades as well as the very deep black color. The textile texture creates eye-pleasing and cozy effect of canvas. Besides, the material dissipates light perfectly, so it is easy to illuminate evenly.

Last but not least, the material working process is really simple – after printing the visual, it can be safely transported folded because when unfolded, the fold lines disappear without a trace.

Small, but significant stickers without traces of glue

In addition to large print formats, there also exist small ones. Often directing consumers in the right direction, informing them about prices, giving recommendations or highlighting important aspects of a product. Yes, stickers fulfil all such tasks.

Consumers usually evaluate the quality of a sticker twice – firstly, when it is attached (we expect the sticker to remain firmly affixed), and secondly, when the sticker has to be removed – then we assess whether the sticker is easy to peel off and leaves no traces. Window Film 1300 from the GM Media product range is designed for durable gluing and easy removing, without leaving a hint of the sticker presence. The sticker is covered with silicone glue, therefore adheres firmly to flat surfaces, but does not stick to fingers and is easy to attach or correct its positions while attaching.


The sticker can be attached and removed, then attached and removed again, and done so many times. Because made of polyester, stickers are durable, therefore also suitable when looking for sustainable solutions.

You can attach it on display surfaces, windows, mirrors and even onto the most luxurious flat surfaces – such as TV screens, household appliances, car surfaces – without any fear of damaging them.

Light boxes with a seemingly 3D effect

The visuals of light boxes attract attention thanks to their brightness and color contrast. However, in order to look effective, their prints have to be exceptionally precise and the visuals must be reproduced in tiniest details – we look at them at a close-up and, because of the lighting effect – as if through a magnifying glass. One of GM Media’s most popular products – Backlit 200 Glossy – is ideal for light boxes. The print on this material not only guarantees visual brightness, clarity of details or a wide gamut of reproduced colors and shades, but thanks to special processing of its surface, it also creates a sense of space and depth – as if you were looking at the visual through 3D glasses.

Working with this material is sheer pleasure. It is stiff enough for quickly and easily inserting the advertising material into the light box and for taking it out.

Both good sides – whichever side you look at

In areas where customers move in both directions, it would be ideal to make the most of promotional tools by offering two-sides printing solutions. There are quite a few on the market, but the Display Sheet 1100, selected by GM Media, stands out since both sides of the print material are indentical in their characteristics and also provide a complete blockout. As a result, the advertising visual on both sides looks equally perfect, without any “visual noise” from the other side.

For exploitation, it is very important that the mounted material remains perfectly flat – its edges do not curve even after prolonged hanging.

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