Textile Block-Out 1100-270

Made of 100% polyester, 270g/m2 thickness, warp knit fabric with semi matt surface finish. The textile is coated with black resin coating on backside for full opacity.
The material is extraordinary in terms of stretch feature, which makes it good alternative for POP-up systems.

End use: Backdrops, blinds, banners, pop-ups.
Furnish: 100% polyester fabric.
Finish: Matt.
Ink compatibility: Dye sublimation; UV inks.
Flame Retardant: Yes,B1.

Technical Target Values

Property Test method Units Values
Total weight ASTM D751 g/m² 270
Yarn Dtex ASTM D1907 Dtex 61×83
Elasticity N/A % Warp:(3±1); Weft:(2±1)
Shrinkage N/A (190°C, 1min) % <=3
Recommend fixation
N/A °C, min. 190°C, 1min
Recommend Oven Fixation Temperature N/A °C, min. 170°C-180°C, 7min
Yellowing temperature N/A °C >=210
Available widths: 1050, 1600, 2100, 3200 mm.
Available cores: 3”
Available lengths of the roll: 50m