Citylight paper 1250 Plus

Wood free satin coated paper for high quality digital printing. Best results are met printing with solvent ink systems. A variety of thicknesses and widths makes this paper perfect choice for wide range of applications: citylights (150g/m2), scrolling systems (200g/m2), posters, etc.

End use: citylights (150g/m2), scrolling systems (200g/m2), posters.
Furnish: hardwood and softwood sulphate pulp.
Finish: semi matt.
Ink compatibility: latex, UV and hard solvent.

Technical Target Values

Property Units Values Values Values
Substance g/m2 150 200 250
Thickness micr. 180 250 295
Whiteness %, ASTM 103 103 103
Opacity ISO 2471:2008 % 99 99 99
Tensile Strength, MD kN/m >6 >8 >9
Tensile Strength, CD kN/m >4,3 >5,5 >6,5
Available widths: 1280 mm up to 3000mm.
Available cores: 3” or 6”
Available lengths of the roll: up to 600m.