Poster papers

A great variety of poster papers with blue back side for large format digital printing. No matter what type of printer you print on or what type of ink you use, the most probably, we have paper for you. Any size…any length…

Backlit Film

A top quality, glossy polyester backlit material for large format printing with eco solvent and mild solvent inks. It also gives great results on latex and UV ink systems.
The material is extraordinary in terms of thickness, durability and costs.

Banner POP/POS

None of your Poin-of-Purches material, event graphics, roll-up displays, X or Y displays will remain unnoticed if you choose Paper Banner or Flatex Banner to produce them. Materials are suitable for both indoor and out door advertising.


A specially coated polyester films for illuminated signs done by large format digital printing. Get a quality you used to for paying less.


These textiles notable for their eye-catching texture and durability will shine out when used for indoor display stands, interior decorations, flags and exhibition systems. Our canvases made of 100 percent cotton or synthetic-natural fibre blend will bring out the true beauty of reproductions and digital photos.