Summer of Textile Flags

Summer is the show time for our Textile Flag materials. And we love this since in GM Media product range we have numerous top-notch fabrics. We understand that choosing for your project the most suitable one is not that easy – and so we have a unique solution. By just one click, you can order a free set of four Textile Flag options and decide on the right one upon receiving them. Never been easier!

Order sample set

Our samples' set includes:

Textile Flag 1100 – 110

This textile flag material is number one among our flag fabrics! Perfect for standard environmental conditions and moderate duration of the campaign.

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Textile Flag 1100-120 Recycled

Textile for flags made from 100% recycled yarn. By using it you express your and your client’s environmental sensitivity.

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Textile Flag Mesh 1100

Stays for longer! Special mesh structure of this textile lets the air to go through the fabric better. This ensures longer durability of your flag or banner.

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Textile Flag Beach 1100

Designed for windy beaches. Strong and durable because of a special air-flow system.

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