05 Mar 2012
New textiles and banners arrive to the digital printing market

GM-Media is upgrading its range by complementing it with products having exceptional qualitative characteristics: Easy Deco textile material and Flatex Banner material for stands.

Easy Deco adhesive textile is designed for the decoration of interiors. It features smart glutinosity that allows this textile to be attached, removed, repaired and re-attached easily, while sizing errors can easily be corrected without the product or surface being affected. No professional tools or knowledge is required to decorate products with Easy Deco, thus enabling the end user do so without too much effort. Easy Deco is suitable for flat surfaces, has a decorative texture, nice paint coating and excellent printing properties.

Flatex Banner material is designed for the production of billboards, exhibited both indoors and outdoors. It is very light and smooth, and those properties, which characterise this material, remains unchanged even after an extended time of display of the stand. The surface of Flatex Banner reminds of textile, thereby creating a highly appealing image of the final product.

GM Media is a supplier of large format digital printing supplies in the Central, Northern and Eastern European markets.