18 Aug 2022
Macro-economic insights 2022

The last decade, until Covid-19 and the challenges it brought, has been a good one: robust economic growth, relative geopolitical stability, persistently low inflation, and supportive central banks. This converted into low volatility, stable and robust performance for most businesses and investments.

But all good things come to an end, they say. The macro-economic conditions are changing rapidly with interest rates and inflation rising. Growing political unrest is making the world less stable. Deglobalization trends will potentially create risks and opportunities for businesses and investments. Thus, most businesses need to adapt to the new situation and play accordingly.

That’s why we’re teaming with CorpHedge and Dainius Šilkaitis, and in the upcoming weeks, we’ll be analyzing the macro-economics in the print media industry.

What you can expect:
💱 Analysis of the change in the euro/US dollar ratio and its impact on the printing materials industry
💰 Overview of the price of raw materials
🚛 Discussion about the situation in the logistics sector Stay tuned!

Stay tuned!