26 Apr 2012
HP has certified GM-Media materials

In the beginning of April 2012, HP certified another three GM-Media products: Canvas 1300-260 for the manufacture of interior decoration items, material for indoor exhibition stands Flatex Banner 1100, and Citylight Paper 1100 designed specifically for citylights, scrolling systems,  various posters. The certificate approved the compatibility of GM-Media materials with HP wide-format latex printers, as well as excellent printing results, for those who opted for the combination of the HP installation and certified GM-Media materials.

During the certification process, the GM-Media materials have been tested in various stages of the product life cycle – physical properties of materials, fluency of the printing process, print quality, as well as for durability and environmental resistance of the visual production.

“We are pleased that our materials have received high ratings on all criteria. The fact that products are certified by HP gives even more security to our future customers. Using the certified products, the best printing results can be achieved by following the recommendations for printing device settings prepared for each HP certified printing material”, said GM-Media Business Development Manager Gražvydas Pangonis.

Previously, HP has certified these GM-Media products for exhibition systems and stands: Textile Banner 205 and Synthetic Paper 1100-200 with ultra high strength properties, as well as Backlit 200 glossy film used for illuminated signs.

About certified products

Canvas 1300-260

Canvas 1300-260 is made of 100 percent natural cotton canvas with medium-coarse texture, matt, milky white. It is ideal for reproductions, digital photos and other interior decoration items. When the canvas is stretched (for example, on the underframe), it does not crack – the image quality remains impeccable, and the surface is smooth. More about Canvas 1300-260.

Flatex Banner  1100

Flatex Banner 1100 material is designed for the production of billboards, exhibited both indoors and outdoors. It is very light and smooth, and those properties, which characterise this material, remains unchanged even after an extended time of display of the stand. The surface of Flatex Banner reminds of textile, thereby creating a highly appealing image of the final product. More about Flatex Banner 1100. More about Flatex Banner 1100.

Citylight Paper 1100

Paper specially designed for citylights, scrolling systems and various posters. Ultra-white, with satin surface, for double side printing. Its properties ensure excellent print results, and the attractive price ensures the low product cost. More about Citylight Paper 1100.