08 Sep 2020
GM Media shifts its focus to the Scandinavian large format media market

GM Media, a wholesaler of large format media, sets its business development prospects to the Scandinavian market and plans to intensify its operations in the region.

For this reason, the company is launching a new customer service model for the Scandinavian market. GM Media will now serve its customers directly, leaving aside the former sales model through wholesalers in individual countries. The company thus aims at maintaining a much closer contact with its customers, better understanding their business needs and responding more quickly and accurately.

“The Scandinavian market is attractive to us in terms of logistics. We also believe that the refined portfolio of GM Media products will meet the requirements of the market, well-known for its high standards for product quality and operational efficiency.“ – says Mantas Azusienis, director of GM Media.

GM Media, with its long-term experience in the digital print market, is constantly working on the search for high-efficiency digital print solutions, without compromising the usual quality standards of the market. This allowed the company to form a refined portfolio of products with excellent quality characteristics and an attractive cost structure, which is gaining an increasingly important aspect in both the Scandinavian and European markets.

Moreover, all the products are carefully selected in respect of ecology principles: all are PVC-free.

The Sales Manager for the Scandinavian Market, Glenn Aronsson, has sound experience in the digital print material market.
“We do believe that Glenn’s competence and deep knowledge of this field will allow us to accurately and promptly offer Scandinavian customers such solutions that will enable them to operate more efficiently and achieve results of impeccable quality.” – says Mantas Azusienis.