05 Nov 2020
GM Media forecasts a breakthrough in socially responsible alternatives in outdoor banner market

Outdoor banner materials, containing PVC, account for a significant share of the outdoor advertising market and unfortunately remains a significant source of micro-plastic pollution. GM Media forecasts a change – a breakthrough in the market of environment-friendly PVC-free outdoor banners.

This will be predetermined by shifting consumer attitudes, change in pricing and significant improvements in outdoor banner materials.


Shifting public attitudes: companies face the need to change their mindset


As society has become increasingly sensitive to environmental, resource conservation and health issues, companies have also started making their business decisions, keeping in mind what “footprint” their choices and activities make on the environment. Companies now are more frequently seeking to review all their business processes in respect of environmental considerations and thus to demonstrate their social responsibility. “Socially responsible advertising campaigns will be no exception, and considering the changes in the pricing and product properties of PVC-free banner materials, we can forecast that this will become a very attractive solution,” says GM Media Director Mantas Azusienis.


A fully resource-efficient solution


The price gap between environmentally friendly outdoor banner materials and PVC-coated products has recently been narrowing rapidly. “On average, it accounts for 15-20 percent of the market. This is due to increasing competition in the field as well as the application of more efficient production solutions.” – comments Mantas Azusienis.

In addition, the materials offered by GM-Media for PVC-free banners are more than 2.5 times lighter in comparison with the solutions for PVC-coated materials, currently on the market. This significantly decreases transportation costs and reduces CO2 emission. GM Media estimates that the transportation cost saving fully covers a higher cost of the sustainable outdoor advertising solution. For example, the job of 10 banners (6m x 3m each) would be 50kg lighter and give up to 0.25€/m2 saving on transport costs alone.


Product improvements no longer need investment


Improvements to PVC-free banner materials are increasingly in line with the existing resources and competencies of advertising manufacturers. The previous solutions for environment-friendly materials required additional changes in production processes, such as banner sewing instead of usual welding and the acquisition of new competencies. This was not attractive to manufacturing companies as it required additional investment. Today the materials, offered by GM Media, have been improved to allow the use of existing technologies of outdoor banner production and to adapt all existing processes without additional investment.

Moreover, the current quality of PVC-free banner materials is not lower than the market-based environment unfriendly alternatives. The new materials are durable and tear-resistant – adapted for medium-term outdoor campaigns, perfect printing quality, maintaining perfect color brightness and precision. They are also compatible with UV and Latex print technologies.


“Change is not coming fast, but the transformation of mindset, combined with the cost-effective product improvements, will give a significant boost to that.” – claims Mantas Azusienis.