Will printing machines stay busy bees in the near future?¬†ūüźĚ

Having live, constant communication with our partners is essential to us. It is especially important nowadays when many business sectors experience future insecurity due to ongoing shifts in the global economy. That's why recently, we’ve discussed the insights on current market trends with our partners and asked them to share their thoughts on the present state of the print media market. 
Talking generally, our business colleagues from Central Eastern Europe (CEE), the Benelux, and the Baltic region, see the trends as ‚Äúcautiously optimistic‚ÄĚ: the number of orders is still steady, while clients continue to embrace the advantages our services bring to their businesses. In Poland, for example, this September was the best month since 2022!
Financial predictions for our segment remain positive as well ‚Äď so far, there have been no signals of deteriorating funding from financial institutions.¬†
On the other hand, concerns over what the future brings do exist. Retailers in some CEE countries have expressed concern about a notable increase in their electricity expenses, thus presuming a possible cut of advertising budgets.
Our partners agree that there is increasing overall fear of force majeure situations, especially those influenced by geopolitical circumstances.