The GM Media vision

GM Media is seeking to be the leader among other suppliers of large format digital printing materials in the Central, Northern and Eastern European markets.

The GM Media mision

To the clients: To supply large format digital printing products, which hold a leading position in the market based on such indices as price, quality and ability to satisfy the clients’ needs.  We believe that our products, services and advice will help our clients to increase their competitiveness through our individual approach to every client’s business and market situation.
To suppliers: To become a reliable partner striving for mutual benefits.
To employees: To be a highly responsible employer. To promote employees’ curiosity for them to best investigate the clients’ needs, new supplier offers and technologies; innovativeness, because thus arise new possibilities both for the clients and the company; creativity so as to immediately implement ideas, in a flexible manner.
To shareholders: To increase the company’s value through orienting our activities towards long-time perspectives.

The GM Media values

Professionalism and activeness. Excellent understanding of large format digital printing market and ability to immediately respond to its changes enable us to ensure a beneficial quality and price ratio in addition to innovative solutions, which can be easily adapted to the individual needs of your business.
Flexibility and empathy. We work hard to understand our clients’ business and offer or develop solutions, which will increase their competitive abilities. We are open to your needs so do not hesitate to contact us even if you cannot find the suitable  product in our product range.
Clients‘ confidence. Our clients’ confidence is of the utmost importance for us and therefore, every our product is covered by our warranty Should you not be satisfied with our product, please return it at no extra charge.